Living Energy Healing and Constellations

Map Your Energetic Terrain. Discover and Clear The Hidden Influences Working Against You
When You Do, Your Inner Light Illuminates Your Path
Remote and long-distance energy healing sessions via phone and Zoom
Jeffrey Rich

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Consultations and Methods

Cosmic Cookie and Blue Envelope - $100
In this learning session, you will learn Cosmic Cookie and Blue Envelope, two powerful and fun energy hygiene and clearing techniques! My favorites. You'll learn to do simple clearing of yourself, your space, and your projects. Via Zoom.
Create and Nurture a Supportive Energetic Container for the Work You Do - $100
In this session I will teach you the basics of Mind-Rooms, a technique that comes from Swedish traditional Trolldom. via Zoom. Mind-Rooms are excellent vehicles for setting and tending energetic containers for the work you do and for the life you live.

Heart-Centered Shamanic Healing

Spirit-Directed Energy Clearing - $225 (call for appointment)
The content of each session is unique to what is required. This may include Compassionate Depossession, Curse Unraveling, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Lineage Clearing and Healing, Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions plus additional techniques to address other spiritual conditions.

Before a session, begin using these self-help steps now. They can make a significant change in your situation until we can schedule a session together.

Spirit-Directed Energy Clearing is 'Medicine for the Spirit'. It is extraordinarily transformative, addressing the spiritual causes and components of dis-ease and illness: Shamanic Healing does not address physical issues. For physical illness, you must consult your physician.

Clearing work indicates that you are committed to your healing and to create change in your own life.
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